My name is Milly Fyfe, I’m a farmers wife, busy mum of two boys and together we live on a livestock and arable farm here in rural Northamptonshire.

We grow, rear and produce a whole host of things to eat, and I enjoy making simple, easy, REAL, no fuss meals for my family and friends.

I enjoy documenting life on the farm, showcasing the story of how we produce the food that everyone eats, as well as stepping into the kitchen and talking about how it can be prepared and enjoyed.

I want to highlight some simple recipes, talk about different ingredients available throughout the seasons, as well as the importance of buying British and supporting local producers where possible.

I want to make one thing clear. I am no professional chef and I don’t like to try and make things look pretty for camera. I just like to cook GOOD food, that is tasty and that ANYONE can achieve.

Please share, interact, comment and follow this page in order to help stay in touch, share your successes and help highlight to others who might also be interested, in order to build a community.

I’d love to hear from you with interesting recipe ideas and what you like to cook. I want to focus on delicious, seasonal ingredients and I would like to put a spotlight on producers from around the country, so drop me a line at: hello@millyfyfe.com

Let me know if you have a crack at any of my meal suggestions and recipe ideas – pictures and comments are most welcome!

I hope I can provide some inspiration to you, making mealtimes less stressful and that everyone can enjoy.

What People Say

‘Thanks for providing me with inspiration to cook yummy things for my family. I just love getting the kids involved with baking’

Chloe, Northamptonshire

Featuring on the No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents page helped to increase awareness of the Dexter beef I produce in Norfolk. My social media feeds went crazy and I have reached a wider audience as a result

Helen Reeve, Waveney Dexters

Let’s build something together!