Meet the Producer – John Alvis, Lye Cross Farm

Producers of West Country Farmhouse Cheddar 🧀 I was fortunate to visit Lye Cross Farm in North Somerset recently, home of the Alvis Family business who have been making farmhouse cheddar cheese since the 1950’s. Back then the Alvis’ started off milking around 300 cows on 500 acres, whereas in 2023 they now milk overContinue reading “Meet the Producer – John Alvis, Lye Cross Farm”

Meet the Producer – Ben Cavill of Pengelly Farms Ltd

Cornish Potatoes – yum! In the latest ‘meet the producer’ blog, I caught up with an old pal from Cornwall Young Farmers, Ben Cavill, who works as technical manager at Pengelly Farms Ltd on behalf of the Rogers Family. How long have you been farming at Pengelly? The Rogers family have been farming at PengellyContinue reading “Meet the Producer – Ben Cavill of Pengelly Farms Ltd”

Meet the Producer – The Grindal Family Manor Farm Shop at Catthorpe

In this meet the producer post, Milly catches up with The Grindal family of Manor Farm Shop in Catthorpe, Leicestershire who have a successful farm shop, tea room and campsite business

Meet the producer – B Tomlinson and son, forced rhubarb growers

A family business Rhubarb grower Robert Tomlinson of B Tomlinson and son, took over from his dad about 20 years ago, and started to build the business up, right in the heart of Yorkshire’s rhubarb triangle. They’ve been growing rhubarb and other vegetables on the farm in Pudsey for about 140 years, which started withContinue reading “Meet the producer – B Tomlinson and son, forced rhubarb growers”

Meet the producer – Duncan Worth, AH Worth, Lincolnshire

Today mark’s the start of Love British Food Fortnight. A celebration of all those who make up the food and farming industry. To champion work-class food production, low food miles, supporting local food businesses within your own community and the importance of buying British. And so I had to write a piece for the meet the producer section showcasing an impressive potato and fresh produce business.

Meet the producer – Jo and Alex Burrows, Coldeaton Jersey Ice cream   

Derbyshire Dairy Farmers to appear on BBC Farmers Country Showdown programme, with a behind the scenes look on the farm as they prepare their pedigree Jersey Cows for Ashbourne Show