Pea harvesting

According to the University of Warwick, if we all bought 15% more home-grown fruit and veg, the UK economy would be £500 million a year better off…

And so, I wanted to share a recent visit with you to the UK pea harvesting taking place in Boston, Lincolnshire at the moment.

Everyone has a bag of frozen peas in the freezer, which are packed full of antioxidants, nutrients and low calorie too.

But have you ever thought about how peas grow, how they are harvested and how they get to the factory before heading to the supermarket?

I’ve followed the harvest, I’ve interviewed the producers and I’ve given you a few recipes to follow using peas. DId you know that peas have to reach the factory from the field in under 150 minutes to ensure complete freshness and quality?

So would you like to find out more?

Find my yummy bacon, pea and cheese quiche recipe here:

A tasty cake that will impress your friends… a pea cake recipe here:

A podcast interview with Stephen Francis who is in charge of a large Pea Cooperative called Fen Peas here:

Finally you can watch this short video on my pea vining experience here with some rather yummy young men featured too! :

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