Gluten free squishy chocolate cake

Having recently discovered that I’m gluten intolerant has made me analyse everything I cook, prepare, order and eat.

Whilst I now feel a whole load better for removing gluten in my diet and waving goodbye to bloat, fatigue and stomach cramps, I’m now navigating my way through gluten free recipes, free from food products and baking ingredients that have no wheat, barley, rye or oats in.

If you are reading this because you have been through this voyage of discovery already, then please do reach out to me as I’d love to hear your top tips, hacks and good places to visit/dine/ shop to pick up your gluten free goodies.

A friend recently shared this recipe for gluten free squishy chocolate cake recipe which included a whole load of courgettes and I’m not going to lie; I was a bit dubious! However, I was pleasantly surprised…

Instead of courgette, I used a length of a tromboncino that was growing in my kitchen garden. So it’s basically the same thing and of course courgettes are much easier to get hold of.

A tromboncino I grew in my garden – used in this cake!!

Now, I’m not saying this recipe is completely no-fuss as it requires a bit of elbow grease to grate the courgettes and of course the gluten free products. But you could totally do this with normal wheat based ingredients too and you’d probably get an amazing result.

What impressed me the most was the rise on the cake. Some gluten free recipes I find give the most disappointing rise and this was pretty good. But the best thing about the cake was how squishy and moist it is – my word what a tasty cake and NO you do not taste the courgette.

What a bonus to have one of your 5-a-day in a cake. That could almost be guilt free right??!!

You will need:

240g gluten free plain flour

½ tsp Xanthan gum

60g cocoa powder

2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

1/2tsp gluten free baking powder

240ml vegetable oil

150g caster sugar

150g light brown sugar

3 large eggs

80g yoghurt

1tsp vanilla extract

350g- 400g courgette or tromboncino grated – weight before grating.

150g chocolate chips

For the icing

250g butter

185g icing sugar

50g cocoa powder


Preheat oven to 200c

Prepare 2 x round, loose bottomed tins  – I use liners from Poundland

Mix the sugars, eggs, yoghurt, vanilla and oil together until combined

Add in grated courgette or tromboncino and mix

In a separate bowl, mix gluten free flour, xanthan gum, cocoa powder, bicarb and baking powder until combined.

Then combine the two mixtures to form a thick mixture. Add in the choc chips.

Split the mixture between the 2 loose bottom tins and cook for 40-45 minutes. It should be slightly squishy but ensure it is cooked by using a skewer to test.

Allow to cool before preparing the icing which can be used to sandwich the cakes together.

Serve hot or cold with icecream or just how it is.

Let me know how you get on – share your pictures with me and comment if you’ve had a go yourself

Milly x

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