Recipe idea – Cow pat pudding

Whilst recording a podcast recently I interviewed Josie Brown of Browns British Cut Flowers. She shared with me the most delightfully yummy recipe for Cow Pat Pudding, inherited from her University house mate!

Here’s what you need:

Mix 3oz Self raising flour, 4oz softened butter, 4oz caster sugar, half teaspoon of milk, 2tbsp cocoa and 2 eggs in a bowl. Place in large Pyrex bowl.

Gently warm 4oz soft brown sugar, 2tbsp cocoa and half pint of water in pan until sugar dissolved. Pour this over the top of the sponge mixture. (This can be made in advance and put to one side until you are ready to cook)

Cook at 190oC for 40 mins.

Turn out onto a plate – hey presto – Cow Pat Pudding. Serve with cream and seasonal fruit.

As a Mum of 4 young children and running her own cut flower business, Josie raves about this recipe and it certainly sounds like a super-quick no-fuss recipe to feed a hungry tribe! I’ll be giving it a whirl and I hope you do too!

You’ll be able to hear more from Josie on the May episode of my podcast ‘The Countryside Kitchen Meets’.

In the meantime you can tune into previous episodes here:

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