The inspiring women behind the Farm Kitchen

Ahead of International Women’s Day, I wanted to celebrate Women doing extra-ordinary things to help parents feed their children with nutritional food and highlight locally grown food too.

I recently came across Victoria Howe of the Farm Kitchen who shares similar values to me. With her dedicated team she produces over 5,000 meals each week to feed children across Lincolnshire, Rutland and Cambridgeshire with tasty, nutritious food.

Here is a little more about the organisation from Victoria, what it aims to achieve and why it matters:

  • How did the Farm Kitchen come about?

I had always dreamt of starting my own business and had a strong passion for good food and the importance of nutrition.  I had been working at Waitrose in the Head Office for a number of years and moved back to my home county of Lincolnshire in 2006 – at the time Jamie Oliver was campaigning for school meals and focusing on Lincolnshire, as most schools no longer had kitchens….. the idea of transporting lunches into schools was born.

  • What are the Farm Kitchen’s aims and objectives?

Our aim is to make a difference…..we use the strapline #goodfoodchangeseverything….which it genuinely does….sorry to preach to the converted! 

From the obvious nutrition benefits, to the joy and mental health benefits, to long term health benefits, to the benefits to the farmers and local economy taken from our website: “We believe that good food really can change everything for a child. 

From the fundamentals of good nutrition and fuel, to the enhanced health and social benefits.  The importance of eating local food is also fundamental to local economies and supporting our natural environment and resources. 

Through our delivery of fresh meals and food education we can set our children on the right path to make the best food choices for sustainable, healthier futures – Here at the Farm Kitchen, we’re on a mission to make sure that every child in Lincolnshire has a healthy, nutritious meal every day to help them learn and develop at school.

From bolognaise to the classic roast, we freshly prepare and cook our meals every day in our kitchens. Each dish is packed full of delicious, locally sourced produce to make sure it really is the healthiest, tastiest version of itself.  From our family-run farm in the heart of Lincolnshire, we want to inspire children to make healthy, sustainable food choices that can make a real difference to them and the world around them now and in the future.”

  • How has the organisation grown?

We have grown very organically by word of mouth – from starting producing 80 meals a day in our first week, we reached 400 by the end of Term 1….we have grown over the years and as of next week are averaging over 5000 meals every day.

  • What plans are there for the future?

We love what we do and want to continue to grow and aim to constantly improve and enhance what we do

  • How can people find out more information and follow on social media?

Can you suggest an easy no fuss recipe that a busy parent with young children could easily follow / enjoy?

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