Eckley Farms is a family farming partnership, specialising in regenerative arable farming.

Guy, Claire, Mike and Vera Eckley farm in four locations around Maidstone, (Kent) including on the Leeds Castle Estate, with colleagues George, Callum and Jules. James and Tom Eckley help in the school holidays.

They are regenerative arable farmers producing arable crops, like wheat, oats, barley, oilseed rape, field beans and linseed.

They press all their oilseed rape into Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil on the farm. They also stonemill a few tonnes of their own wheat into flour every year.

Most of Pure Kent oil goes into food service and catering. Amongst others, they supply the awesome frozen food maker, COOK, with all their oil, and they definitely make No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents! They also supply restaurants, local shops, and even a prestigious private school!

When I asked Claire Eckley about why she loved producing food she said ‘Arable farmers aren’t usually seen at farmers markets, or out at food festivals, so it’s great to take the arable story and talk to people about how we farm, as well as our products. ‘

‘We’re proud of how we farm, and the people we supply, some of whom have worked particularly hard during the pandemic or made substantial changes to their businesses to keep people in jobs. ‘

‘Cold Pressed Rapeseed oil is a versatile oil and can be used at low temperatures for salad dressing, hummous and mayonnaise, medium temperatures like baking, and high temperatures like roasting and stir frying.

Your Yorkshire puddings will never stick and you might never use anything else for your roast potatoes! ‘

You can find more out about Pure Kent by visiting: https://purekent.co.uk

Facebook: Purekent

Twitter: @purekent

Instagram: @pure.kent

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