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Say hello to Sandra Herbert of Whetstone Pastures Farm, a soft fruit pick your own on the outskirts of Leicester

You may catch Sandra on Cbeebies as she recently hosted Mr Tumble for an episode of ‘Something Special’.

So to Jams 🍓

It began when Sandra and her husband Anthony took over the PYO. Sandra had just left BBC Radio Leicester and needed to chill so fruit picking was just the thing!

She realised that smaller fruit was often wasted and hated waste so decided to make jam

Although being an avid cook and cake maker Sandra had not made jam before – So Granny Jam was born! Sandra’s jam is sold at the fruit farm when we they open in the summer. It’s also sold in Attfields farm shop, Wistow Deli, The Deli in Francis Street and Aldwinkles in Market Harborough.

Sandra has always been passionate about food and cooking her family (4 children) and when they started the PYO it seemed the right thing to use the fruit, which is frozen and makes such tasty jam with no watering down or additives except lemon juice where extra pectin is needed.

A cream tea is a really great British institution so here is Sandra’s recipe:

The scones have no sugar and egg in

450 G Self raising flour

75 G butter or margarine

Pinch salt

Half pint of milk

Sultanas optional

Pre heat oven 200 C and prepare baking tray well greased or lined with baking paper

Gently mix fat into the flour using fingertips and then add 2-3 ozs sultanas for fruit scones

Add milk all in one go and mix gently to form a dough – add a little flour if sticky but don’t over kneed

Leave covered for 15 mins Roll out gently on floured board and sprinkle with a little flour before cutting with medium size cutter

Place on baking sheet I like to place them close together and brush with a little milk

Place in oven for 16 -18 mins

Leave to cool and then serve with dollop of British Cream and Sandra’s raspberry, strawberry or black currant jam!

For more info visit www.whetstonepasturesfarm.com

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