Meet the producer – Stonegate Estate

Stonegate estate eggs

Today I’d like to introduce you to Stonegate Estate

For over 20 years, Stonegate Estate have loved producing the finest organic eggs in the heart of Wiltshire – and so have their hens!

With their Soil Association standards, their hens live in small flock sizes and are free to roam and forage to their hearts content. 🐤

You can find Stonegate Estate eggs on Ocado, Whole Foods Market, Amazon Fresh and at Harrods 🥚
Stonegate Estate are passionate about organic farming, animal welfare and producing wholesome eggs that taste delicious and are good for the environment too. 🚜

I asked the team to suggest an easy no fuss recipe that incorporates eggs and they suggested this tasty cookie recipe 🍪

Perfect in lunchboxes or as an afternoon treat, these wholesome raisin and oat cookies are easy to make and taste delicious especially with an organic egg! 🍳

Get the whole family involved in the baking and the eating too. You can find the recipe here: 👩‍🍳
For more information on the company visit: 🖥

For updates on our farm, flock and feasts follow us on social media 📱
Why not give them a follow 😉

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